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47 minutes ago

Feliz dia do: "tô bem nessa foto?"; "Me dá um abraço?"; "Você comeu todo chocolate?"; "Você tá bem, Su?"; "Você me ama?";"Vamos ver algum filme hoje?"; "Me anima?". Meu melhor amigo, te amo muito 💜 #bff #love #cntrl +c #cntrl +v #brother #family

10 hours ago

Don't forget about our Shark Week BBQ this Sunday at 10pm. If you plan to partake in the BBQ please bring a side dish. We are also counting down our fighter Pablo Rubios fight here at @casinodelsolresort the following Saturday. Open gym Sharks!!!

1 day ago

✨ butterflies & tired eyes ✨ I love finding new musical obsessions. The past few weeks I've found myself enthralled with @sza, and have been drawing a lot of inspo from her songs and visuals. My go to tracks from her album Contrl are Pretty Little Birds, Anything, Garden (Say It Like Dat), and Drew Barrymore. I watched Love Galore a few dozen times and decided I needed to shoot some ish with butterflies ✨

1 day ago

Solid am rolls, strength and conditioning and finishing it off with comp training with my team at Inverse tonight!! Never be outworked. Luck is the last dying wish of the those who think winning happens by chance

2 days ago

Him and Soulo are the Most Underrated in TDE......

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