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2 minutes ago

- | @akshaykumar - #AkshayKumar 🥀 | أجمل ممثلة مثلت مع #اكشاي_كومار ؟ كاآت تففووز حتى من قوة خقتي حطيت لكم صورتها وهو يحضنها 😭♥️ + جاك وبيبو واليانا بعد - #Bollywood | #بوليوود

4 minutes ago

What a way to spend a nice morning sunrise with the very sexy and stunning @meghan_mnm at Pier Village Beach in Long Branch. Photographer @lssantore

6 minutes ago

kaun hai yeh, jisne doobara mudke mujhe nahi dekha? *if you don't know what movie this quote is from yashvardan raichand just shed a tear* || pc: @sharkbaitwhohaha || wearing: @manikjassal from @joplincreative || makeup and hair: me ||

12 minutes ago

3D Smoke eye AKA smoking hot 🔥 🔥 🔥 lol (most commonly known as the halo eyeshadow) fell in love ! I have seen this look around in utube and tried it but for some reason it never seemed right. 😕.. I didn't know what I was doing wrong until Tamanna and her expertise broke it down in steps allowing me to master this coveted look.

12 minutes ago

. واقوى وانجح 10 افلام للنجمه والبطله بريتي زينتا 😭🔥😍..؟ انا؟ 1-4-6-10 بس اlالاكثر 10 و 6 يجننننون 😩🔥💗 وانتم؟ . شرايكم؟ تفاعلووو 😩💔 تفاعل = انزل حسابي الثاني: @YEDITX قل خيراً او اصمت. تاخذ/ي صوره او فيديو او فكره منشن او تاق ولا #بلوك ✨. #تصميمي . . . ‏ #bollywood #بوليوود

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