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3 hours ago

Today we did "the big drive" and managed to see Big Sur (well at least a glimpse of some of it through the fog). Tomorrow: SAN FRANCISCO - any breakfast recommendations would be gratefully received! ⛰🌫 #HaarkonInUSA

10 hours ago

Who is it gonna B

4 hours ago

Still one of my favorite photos. Pretty hard to beat a view like this. #spyder

4 hours ago

Anything is possible if you've got enough nerve. Captured by @hannahmaetyler ---------------------------------------------------- To be featured follow us @her.pnw.life & tag photos #HerPNWlife ---------------------------------------------------- Attention to our MEN followers: I will post your "feature-worthy" photos ONLY if they have girls/women captured in them, since our community page is dedicated to them. - @katerina4t ----------------------------------------------------

15 hours ago

Throwback to winter because it kinda hot here in Switzerland 🌴