Amanda Hill

@southcarolinafarmhouseThe journey of building our farmhouse on 7 acres of land.

2 weeks ago

So when we designed the kitchen we decided to not do a pull out spice cabinet by the cooktop because symmetrically it wouldn't work out and I knew that would drive me crazy! 🙈 I found these spice liners on Amazon and I am loving how it organizes the spice drawer. I can see everything so easily!

3 weeks ago

So as most of you know with building comes compromise. Well I wanted to have a nice sized laundry, mudroom and pantry. We designed this house so it's never been built before. During construction several things had to be altered in this area and in order to keep my mudroom lockers I had to cut down the pantry size. I weighed which I would regret more and knew with 4 kids it would be the mudroom as I have a ton more cabinet space here so only needed the pantry for food. (Vs food and kitchen appliances and paper towels the list goes on and on) so I spent some time yesterday making this small pantry pretty and organizing it and I think it will work just fine! #pantry #buildingourhome

4 weeks ago

After 3 days of unpacking with 4 kids home for summer and all of their activities the kitchen is finally done! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

1 month ago

We did it!!!! I can't even believe it. All of the hard work was worth it! #buildingourhome

1 month ago

Sneaking a peek at my floors through the windows! ❤️❤️❤️

1 month ago

Sanding has begun, staining and a coat of poly tomorrow and then finish remaining coats on Friday. If all goes well floors should be dry and we should be moving in on Monday! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

1 month ago

These beauties went up today and I am all 😍😍😍. C/O scheduled for tomorrow afternoon!!! #buildingourhome

1 month ago

White subway on backsplash which one for inlay behind cooktop?

1 month ago

Some of the lighting that is going up! 😍😍

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