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12 hours ago

Good morning! My personal page @ssernets Snap: sernets "French Toast on a whole other level 🍞🍳🧀 Perfect for breakfast, lunch or any meal! FOLLOW @sacinko for more delicious recipes 🍰🍦🍟🍧

16 hours ago

Roasted Turkey, melted Mozzarella, Basil Pesto, avocado & tomato Wrap Panini❤🔝✅ 📷@bnaporkstore 📍@bnaporkstore _ 👉7818 13th Ave, Brooklyn, New York _ 👉FOLLOW THE AMAZING RESTAURANT @BNAPORKSTORE _ #bestfoodworld 👉CONTACT US FOR THE BEST MARKETING BUSINESS📧 BESTFOODAROUNDTHEWORLD@GMAIL.COM 👇TAG YOUR FRIENDS👇

21 hours ago

ADDICTED TO DESSERT 🍨 Tag your friends 👇| 🎥 @krissharv3y

17 hours ago

Hay días que son un quilombo y querés comerte algo rico pero que sea MUY fácil de preparar y te la tengo: bucattinis "Caccio e pepe" o fideos con queso y pimienta, una DE LI CIA que podrás disfrutar en menos de 15 minutos, posta! Ponés a cocinar 100 gramos de Bucattinis (o el fideo que más te guste) por persona. Si usualmente los cocinás 7 minutos, esta vez cocinalos 4 y los escurrís guardando un poco del agua de cocción. En una sartén o cacerola, ponés el poco de agua (dependerá de la cantidad de pasta que hagas, pero yo para 2 porciones usé menos de 1/4 de taza), la pasta y 1 cucharada de manteca. Cocinás a fuego medio sin dejar de revolver hasta que veas que se formó una "salsa". Ahí añadís unos 100 gramos de queso (la receta original usa Pecorino, pero yo usé Goya que es parecido al Reggianito) y mucha pimienta negra. Revolves, dejás que se cocine 1 minuto, servís con un poco más de queso, sal y listo, a disfrutar! #HomeMade #HomeStyle #ComfortFood #PastaLover #LaMesa #ElGordoCocina

11 hours ago

Morning!! I can't decide if I need a big hug, a few XL coffees, 6 shots of vodka or two weeks of sleep 🤷🏻‍♀️😫" I had the most amazing day in london yesterday but it was absolutely exhausting! If you guys have been you will know what I mean!! The city that never sleeps and we were caught up in crazy traffic till 1am and didn't get home until 3am. I feel like such a rebel rolling in the door so early in the am 😂 Funny thing is all I wanted to do was have a bath, a nice cup of tea and put my cosy jammies on. My childhood punishments have become my adult life goals 🙌🏻 But who doesn't love London and the amazing soul it has....❤️ I got to see my beautiful friend perform on stage and she was breathtaking.........I mean literally my whole body filled with emotion and tingles. The most talented and inspiring ballerina on earth! I'm so proud of you @balletwithisabella and thank you for having us. Love you!!!😘 Anyhoo I was up freaking early anyways coz my body clock doesn't ever switch off so I was walking around like a zombie feeling my way around the kitchen for coffee ☕️😵 Then I could think about breakfast. I made this creamy matcha chia pudding and chocolate pudding combo crammed with chocolate cookie fudge, raw date and cinnamon bliss balls, kiwi, quinoa crispies and lashings of warm dark chocolate drizzles to show you how matcha I love ya. Bahahaha 😂" Ok I'm all out of funny shit #gimmeallthecoffee #walkingzombie #wheresmybed