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14 hours ago

Free as a bird and on my way back to my sunny island, for some well deserved sunset SUP! I finished my recurrent simulator check late last night. Even if I enjoy the learning process it is always quite stressful to go through the practical. Thankfully it is over and tomorrow I will fly a short two sector/2 leg day and then I'm off on this week's adventure! I have so much planned if everything goes according to plan, in aviation you never know, the wind can change 180 degrees and your plans naturally can change with it. I promise to keep you all updated through my IG Stories, first stop London! 🇬🇧 with @insanityhq @kirstyrwilliams and @laurenshergs 🙌 Can't wait!!

15 hours ago

#Kampfschwimmer sind exzellente Taucher. Sauerstoff liefert ihnen ein geschlossenes Kreislauftauchgerät, dass keine verräterischen Luftblasen abgibt. So gelangen sie lautlos und unbemerkt ans Ufer. Alle Infos zum Thema gibts hier: bw.kampfschwimmer-marine.de. // #Frogmen are excellent divers. They dive with a pure oxygen rebreather unit, without making any revealing bubbles. That helps them to get silently and unnoticed to the shore. For more information have a look at: bw.kampfschwimmer-marine.de. (Foto: #Bundeswehr / Andrea Bienert)