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19 hours ago

Today I received my package with the set of My Secret Romance! Although the package was held for a day at customs, arrived very fast. I'm used to waiting between 2 weeks to a month for packages coming from Asia, but I got this just in 6 days! I would never have gotten it except for the help of those incredible people who decided to help me pay for it because of the high shipping costs that I couldn't afford to pay due to the expenses I had had this month. I will always be grateful that there are such good people in this world and I will never forget that gesture. One thousand thanks! 💕 I'm very happy because the set is incredible. The essay book is huge and contains lots of pictures. I'm going to take pictures of the essay book with my camera, but I need you to have patience since it will take time. I would have liked to see pictures of the moment when Jieun and Sunghoon are in the company and she runs to him to embrace him (episode 13). But overall I'm happy with the rest of the photos. The autograph of Jieun and Sunghoon is definitely a treasure to me. I wish I could get a poster of My Secret Romance to be able to hang it in my room. I envy all those people who could get one in the DramaFever contest, even though it was too big. With a poster of medium size I would have conformed. But it doesn't matter, because I never thought that @godinmedia could do so many things and this is really a dream for all fans of the drama. Also, I think I got by mistake 2 fancy fan. You only got one, right? I was afraid to break my CDs. I tried to take out the CDs for more than 5 minutes. It took me a minute to get the CD 2, but the CD 1 was too complicated. I finally got it. I'm pretty sad because "Song For Love" by LYn wasn't on any of the CDs, but I'm grateful to hear my favorite singer's voice in several songs. In short, today I'm very happy to have all this of my favorite drama. Now, I just hope that my other wish is fulfilled and that we can enjoy in the future of a season 2 🙏 #송지은 #SONGJIEUN #지은 #JIEUN #시크릿 #SECRET #LEEYOOMI #LEEYUMI #방성훈 #BANGSUNGHOON #성훈 #SUNGHOON #CHAJINWOOK #JINWOOK #DRAMA #애타는로맨스 #MYSECRETROMANCE #SUNGSONG #OST #GODINMEDIA #KPOP

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