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11 hours ago

Morning shape, 60 kg vs 163 cm ☺️🌸🐝

15 hours ago

A new recipe with salmon, red curry coconut milk and veggies is up on the blog 😳 Love the combination and it's SO SIMPLE 💃🏼🍜 finest.se/deniceemoberg/

1 day ago

Omg, I'm resting today again! The fourth day 😳 But I've hurt my back and my hand so I'm not allowed to, I thought it would be better today by it wasn't 🙉 ANYWAY, here's a fun way to do your shoulder press behind your head 😍🙌🏼

19 hours ago

Here we are Tylösand 👋🏼 Bad weather, don't care, we're having fun anyway 😍🌸

2 days ago

Three rest days are done, full power tomorrow instead 🙌🏼💥😍 And the recipe is up on my story 😘🍫

1 day ago

Today's lunch, meat and potatoes, a favorite 💁🏼😍😍✨

3 days ago

Hoping for better weather tomorrow when it's our last day in Båstad Hamn ☺️☀️ We will be there between 11-16 for those who asked ❤️

2 days ago

No added sugar and loads of protein!! 😳 Recipe will come up later tonight ☺️✨

4 days ago

My favorite exercise for the glutes ( after hip thrusts) with extra deep movement 😈😈🍑