@rhinolivesmatterRhino monitor celebrating the beauty of these iconic animals 🦏🇿🇦🦏

4 days ago

White Rhino cow and calf pondering their next move after wallowing on a warm winter afternoon. This mother is heavily pregnant and any time soon when she is ready to give birth the calf will be chased away . The calf will then face new challenges and be forced to link up with other Rhino. A few days ago we fitted her with a foot collar so that we can monitor her when the split happens. #rhinolivesmatter

5 days ago

Monitoring a ’Super Mum’ Black Rhino cow with her 4 month old calf. Female Black Rhino’s are extremely protective of their young, and are prone to being very aggressive so we do walk them for a number of months after they’ve given birth. We are now using a DJI Mavic Pro Drone in order to get a visual of this pair to check everything is OK. #rhinolivesmatter

3 weeks ago

They say 'all actions have consequences' and for a Black Rhino that often results in snot all over the place after you've been snorting at danger🙈😂 #rhinolivesmatter

4 weeks ago

Rhino can move surprisingly quickly when motivated and are capable of hitting top speed in no time. This female Black Rhino is very relaxed though so doesn’t do too much running and it often takes her a few strides to get her legs working independently when she wants to go quicker than a trot. Princess by name, Princess by nature!! #rhinolivesmatter

1 month ago

This is typical of a Black Rhino waking up after being tranquilized and the reason all bystanders are cleared well out of the way before the reversal drug is given! The power of these animals is simply amazing💪 This young female was recently fitted with a foot collar which now allows us to monitor her closely for condition and position. #rhinolivesmatter

1 month ago

We found this White Rhino cow a few days, looking perplexed and a bit annoyed by the twig she had stuck between her horns. Walking forward and reversing didn’t help getting rid of it but we’re sure she figured it out in the end!🙈 #rhinolivesmatter

1 month ago

Two female Black Rhino concentrating on different things! Both of these animals have been fitted with VHF transmitters in the last month so we are now able to monitor them closely, both for condition and whereabouts. #rhinolivesmatter

1 month ago

Tragically a few days ago, we found this White Rhino bull’s poached carcass with both horns removed. Only a few months ago he witnessed his brother being shot and now he has met the same brutal fate. Sadly it appears the bullet didn’t kill him instantly as they broke his spine with an axe. His eyelashes and one eye also removed, a crazy belief held by some poachers that the animal then can’t see what they are doing when removing the horns. It is incomprehensible the amount this beautiful animal must have suffered this year due to the savages, that so many of us now dedicate our live’s to trying to protect rhino from. Tuesday was one of those days filled with deep sadness, wandering what we have to do to protect these iconic animals. As always though, everyone rallies round and we will continue to do everything we can to protect them. #rhinolivesmatter

2 months ago

Baby Rhino’s are just the cutest things around! This one is in where it should be, in the wild, unlike so many of the orphans from the poaching battle that continues unabated. #rhinolivesmatter

2 months ago

A Black Rhino cow waking up after being fitted with a VHF horn transmitter earlier today. This will enable us to locate her easily, to monitor her condition and whereabouts. We believe tracking devices are a necessity for rhino with the current poaching crisis showing no signs of abating. These transmitters work 24hrs, so during night patrols on full moon periods we can easily locate each animal and sit close to them where possible. #rhinolivesmatter

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