Prewedding Inspirations (PWN)

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8 hours ago

Based on how body take sweet me 😂😂I have invitation cards for 15 people in Uyo,Akwa Ibom State from @winas_kitchen . . This card allows 2 guests to have a taste of each vendor's puff puff for free ( One invitation card for two people). . All you need to do is follow @winas_kitchen & @puffpufffestival and let me know, then I will send you the invitation card. (SEND ME DM) . First, I'm giving one card to my girl @its_ekaette courtesy of @winas_kitchen . . Please tag your friends in UYO. . #preweddingnaija #puffpuff #vendors #uyo #AkwaIbom

10 hours ago

I could remember the first day I set my eyes on u at ojodu/berger round about lol,  after I had to travel a long distance to meet u cus I was tired of d ghost dating, 😳 so unfortunate I was not attracted but ur height and stature changed my mind, I gave u 2/10 in my mind falling in love with you I never thought of, Infact last thing on my mind. . . I tried to ignore you but u kept on pushing, i frustrated u, I could remember wen u travelled all d way from lag to akure and I didn't welcome u into my apartment, I sent u out instead,  several times I shout on you weneva u call neva to call me again,  ur friends mocked u but now am happy dey are here to withness how strong our love has become, mine ur love is magical, ur love is beautiful. . . Thank you for not giving up on me since 2012,  you av shown me d true definition of true love,patience enough to understand my weakness and as well put me back on track @kutonnh,So my Prince Charming insisted we go out, which I was feeling so lazy to wear a make up, he insisted and I did, super Half popped the question trust me I said Yes!!!!,and I will say it over ND over. . . Thanks sweetie for your endless love you are just a reminder of God's undying love for me and I want to journey till the end of time with u,  tanx to my friend @tehilla_4 for choosing the beautiful ring she knows wat I love,tanx so much @ruthyyemi u connected me to my superman, u r a friend forever,  tanx so much @ynkbraidals I love d ring so much. Mine u surprised me today am still in shock😍. I said yes to forever!!! Yes!  to the best man ever,D man dat tolerated my flaws and baby am so sorry for all u  went through because of me,  I was only trying to make it worthwhile and  beautiful but not stressful. . . I promise to love u forever💏👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 I love  u endlessly bobo mi @kutonnh. Tank God it's no one else but you!!!! I love you. . Congratulations @detolar_orekelewa #preweddingnaija

11 hours ago

From d first day we met on d road on d way to d same place 5years ago till now has been magical..... . . So on one particular day @bhoomy stopped by my work place to tell me about this hot dinner she would be going for on sunday and that being my only free day i was so down.... see me ( @priceless_mma ) really looking for what to wear and all as i cannot carry last based on how the party was hyped 😂😂 on D day she came to pick me up from d house with dami wen i saw wat they were wearing i was really pissed i was like after all the *kaking up* and a perfect face beat by me, they both wore jeans and a top, they sha whinned me that they were going to change at the hotel room and bla bla even as they came super late .... . . the so called dinner was supposed to be at eko hotel but instead we stopped by a restaurant 1st cos dey said dey were waiting 4 dami's bf by then the waka don tiya me already at a point i even laid down on the couch at the restaurant. Later on they said we had to go to fahrenheit to change and all omo by the time we got there i was already pissed i was about calling a cab to come take me home.... then dey begged me to jst follow dem to d room i sha agreed instead d elevator took us strait to d roof top i saw d camera guy d violinist n everybody starring with there phones up n i saw d most handsome man i ve ever seen down on one knee waiting to ask me to be his wife 4ever and i said yes with tears and the rest of the evening was an unforgettable experience @rainmaker20❤❤ #therainmakers2017 . . #preweddingnaija #proposal 😍😍😍

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