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4 hours ago

Saturdays are best spent...picking grapes 🍇 😂 I will be publishing more articles in the press about content creators and influencer marketing - something you may not know is that these are some of the most entrepreneurial women I have met. Many of them travel around the world and don't see their families for months on end...more behind the scenes to come. Stay tuned #WomenEntrepreneurs #AmraAndElma #ReachForTheStars

8 hours ago

Хорошо, что я в отличие от Евы не являюсь жертвой рекламы и не подвержена мэйнстриму 🦄 Всем Фламинго 🎀

3 hours ago

How wonderful is this Tiroler Grauvieh cow? She is 15 years old😍 Thanks for letting me photograph your herd, @ohlenmalin 😄

1 day ago

What do you do when someone else wants your fresh catch?? Real or fake? 😱 🐻 😲 Follow us for more awesome shots! @fishinglife.ig Pic by unknown

9 hours ago

Happy World Photography Day 📸📸 Photo by @saydamsoy Hallstatt, Austria ❤