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5 hours ago

Finger print building!😱 . TAG FRIENDS 👇💕 Follow us @arts_secret for more!❤ . ▪Follow our 2nd page @gorgvibe

2 hours ago

Love! 📹: @moyagraphy ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Follow 👉 @colorbae Follow 👉 @colorbae ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🎨 Like 10 Posts & Follow 🌈 Double Tap If You'd Eat This 🎨 Turn On Post Notifications To See New Content ASAP ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 📷 All rights and credits reserved to the respective owner(s)

3 hours ago

My entry to start the art challenge! 2015-2017 2 years of anatomy improvements! #zhartchallenge week starts tomorrow! MAKE SURE you TURN ON post notifications so you dont miss each days intructions/prompts. Scroll down to see instructions on how to join the art challenge! The goal of this challenge is to encourage you guys to draw everyday and get better while also promoting your work! I will be sharing lots of the entries on my story so more people can follow you and support you and your art! I will be doing my best to go through as many entries as I can and comment on each of them. . 👇Intructions👇 Step 1👉 choose a prompt for your drawing. Pick one to do each day for a whole week! This will get your creative thinking going and great for practice! This is one of the things I did to improve a few years ago! . 1. Redraw an old drawing. Something you used to have difficulty drawing or a sketch you don't like and see how much you improved by posting them side by side 2. Come up with your own design for a super hero and give him/her a name! Use your imagination. I want to see what you guys come up with! For those of you choosing this option, I will be posting a new design idea everyday for you guys. 3. Take a doodle and turn it into a finished piece . Step 2 👉 . 👉 post the drawing 👉tag me @zhcomicart at the top of the caption and in the photo so I can find them easily 👉hashtag with #zhartchallenge 👉tag some friends you think should join this challenge😈 challenge your friends! . I will choose at least one of the posts to shout out! I will be doing this challenge with you guys and posting everyday. One standout artist will also get a shoutout in the post!! New post everyday! Hope you guys join and good luck🍀🍀 . . . . . . #art #inspiration #artistsofinstagram #artistic #beforeandafter #artist #illustration #drawing #sketch #drawingoftheday #handdrawing #sketchoftheday #improvement #comicart #howtodraw #animedrawing #anime #digitalpainting #cartoon #digitalart #sketchbook #doodle #artoftheday #comicartist #絵 #mangadrawing #copicmarker

1 hour ago

Keep this in mind guys! Share it (and tag me in the pic) or tag your friends in the comments below to spread the word! 👇🏼💜🙌🏼 Check out the link in my bio because guys, I do need your help and kindness 🙏🏼🌸 ~ Copic markers by @buschvanderworp

3 hours ago

Когда одному твоему ребёнку 2 месяца, второму 9 лет, а третьему 35 годиков, сложно найти время для рисования. Приходится рисовать урывками минут по 30, в течение дня можно набрать 2-3 часа, как и со спортом, было бы желание 😴

5 hours ago

🐲Thank you all for the lovely comments on my previous post! ❤️I'll reply to you all as soon as I'm able to charge my phone. Still in a ⛺️ by the sea and rationing my phone battery. 📞🔋Heres a look at the finished 'Fire-Drake' piece. This and many other A2 Size Art Prints are available now in my online store with FREE Worldwide Shipping! Every print is signed, packaged and sent by me personally. 📮🏃 www.christopherlovell.com/shop