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Wife all packed to go visit her family in Charleston, SC 😪!Only a week apart until I join her 😁! #project365 #charleston #charlestonsc #explorecharleston #lowcountryliving #lowcountry #country #southerncharm #southcarolina #travel


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As many of you know, I’ve done a lot of work with #healingtheyoungermes . .
I’ve received many questions on how you guys can heal your younger yous.
It is very helpful to have someone who knows how to do this guide you through the process. .
But it can totally be done on your own.
The purpose of going back to heal a younger you, is for that specific you to come to a place of understanding.
Here’s an example:
I went back to 22 year old me after gaining weight following huge weight loss success. .
Gaining weight after losing so much was almost depressing.
I didn’t understand why that happened. .
I felt like a failure and I dragged those feelings of unworthiness for months! .
Going back to that younger me, I explained to her why it had to happen that way. I told her that it was okay. That she could let go of all the guilt, shame and frustration. .
I reconnected her to the reason of why I started my journey. Because somewhere along the line of losing weight I had forgotten that.
I brought her to a place of understanding. A place of love and compassion. .
Healing the younger yous doesn’t have to be only about weight or body image. .
It can be about anything you feel you need to heal. .
When I began doing this, I used to do it through a guided meditation. .
I would ask to see any part of me that needed healing and I would see an image of me at that age.
And with that, I went in and did all the inner work. .
Which has brought me to here I am now💓🤗

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#beachboy 😋💦 Werbung/Advertising: teamm8

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