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9 hours ago

Why are your legs so big? I have had his question asked so many times, especially lately. I have decided to answer this question here...for all of you who are curious!! We all have things about ourselves that we wish were different or we wish that we could change. So even after all of the blood, sweat and tears that I put in to lose over 350 pounds, my body still needs some work. I have/had a massive amount of excess skin. It hurts. A lot. I carried a lot of weight in my legs before I lost the weight, which now results in having a TON of excess skin on my legs...still making them big. People carry their weight different, and when you go though a massive weight loss, the amount of excess skin you have is different for everyone. For me, I have a lot. I do plan on having my legs done in the future. To be honest I am so ready right now to have it done. I still feel insecure about my legs, but at the end of the day, they are what they are and I am learning to love myself...my body included! I am not going to sit here and focus on everything that I wish was different. I am proud of my journey. I am proud of the changes my body has gone through. Just like with weight loss, I am taking skin removal surgery and this part of my journey one day at a time! You can't keep moving forward if you keep looking back! So for now, this is me and this is my body and I am working damn hard to fully love myself..my legs included! . . . #jacquelineadan #jacquelinesjourney #bodypositive #bodyposi #bodyconfidence #lovemybody #lovemyshape #bopo #bopowarrior #perfectlyimperfect #loveyourself #loveyourbody #effyourbeautystandards #weightloss #weightlossjourney #naturalweightloss #trainandtransform #transformationfitnation #poparmy #trainandtransform #fitfamily #igfitfam #motivationmonday #mondaymotivation #weightlosstransformation #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #weightlossjourney #bodybuildingcom #fitnessmotivation

22 hours ago

•💛20 years old: Mix of binge eating followed by days of "cleansing" aka: not eating. I never worked out, but I never thought I was "thin enough". I could see my ribs, but that was always my goal. Back then, I NEVER thought my outlook was unhealthy. •💛23 years old: just had a baby, gained 95 pounds. If you've ever met me, you know I have a VERY small frame. Simple daily actions like walking up and down the stairs felt difficult and exhausting. I went on a diet and consumed only 20 grams of carbs/day (I did this for 2 years straight, and yes I was VERY strict about those 20 grams). This was unhealthy! For the next 10 years, I couldn't find balance. Bottom line: I wasn't happy. •💛36 years old: I'm not striving to "see my ribs", or get a "thigh gap", or a "bikini bridge". I'm certainly not trying to get rid of a "hip dip" either. Seriously, who comes up with these damn beauty standards? 🙄👊🏼 I'm happy, I eat intuitively and work out regularly. I'm not trying to achieve a physical goal, I'm enjoying life. I fell in love with fitness when I stopped paying attention to the trends. 💖I don't need to prove to anyone that I'm "real". I don't need to take a highly unflattering photo and post it captioning "look at me, I'm imperfect, I'm real, I love my flaws,..." Honestly, I'm here to tell you this: Strength FEELS great! 🏆Body image trends will come and go, ignore them! Be motivated and inspired by what you can do, rather than by how you look. Life is too short to worry about all the petty stuff. If you're here for fitness motivation, then have faith, and take it from me: you CAN do it! 🙌🏽Fitness should be about health and strength. You've got one life, take control and give it your best effort. Screw the beauty standards, don't lose your focus: get up, work out, eat healthy, FEEL the strength, and do it for YOU!🏆💖- - - #transformation #beforeandafter #trend #strength #doitforyou #beautystandards #bopo

3 hours ago

#transformationtuesday today with my beautiful in every single way sister ❤️ 9 years between us but we are like twins. We shared our food issues massively, we were food partners in crime. Eating for pure indulgence and greed every day. It is SO hard to change your mentality. To change when your issues are that bad you have to change your perception of and your relationship with food. It doesn't happen overnight but that's ok. Don't expect to join @slimmingworld and have the discipline of lots of us target members here on Instagram, don't be negative about yourself if you have a bad day. Change is ALL in your attitude. What's eaten cannot be uneaten, it's done, move on, focus on improving your ability to stick to plan. 👌 I touched on it a little in my live on Sunday. When I joined SW for the first two and a half months or so after weigh in (used to be a Tuesday evening), myself and my sister would get a takeaway and eat junk. Not massive amounts, just a fix of the food we had relied on and been so addicted to for so many years. At that point we needed that. I didn't want to be 'missing out'. I very soon realised how different I felt putting that food in my body and stopped, not going over my syns after weigh in. My sister at first just thought I was saying that I felt horrible but then she experienced the same thing, realised she didn't need that food and loved how she felt on plan. It takes time for our attitudes to change, just do what you feel able to with the day in front of you. Logic isn't always easy to focus on when you have your own relaistonship with food to tear down and rebuild. If logic was easy to follow we would all be slim, eat less, eat healthily and move more. How many times have us who have been overweight heard that; usually from someone slim being patronising and having no clue what it is like to have issues with food. 🤚 Myself and my sister failed with countless weight loss attempts but that doesn't matter. You need to forget what's done, move on, ONE DAY AT A TIME. That's the logic that got us through what we have achieved - stay on plan everyday, your willpower will develop! I am SO proud of you @cginner_x 💖 #slimmingworld

7 hours ago

Monday motivation! Persistence is key - get up more times than you fall. Thanks for sharing this picture and powerful words @samgachyoga #inflexibleyogis 👇👇👇 ・・・ What a journey. The past three years have not been easy. I've been through some shit, on and off the mat. I've struggled and I've grown. I've been knocked down and I've gotten back up. I've gotten stronger and I've gotten to know myself better. I didn't attempt my first handstand until 3-4 years ago, and it seemed like some impossible feat that would never ever happen. I fell on my butt countless times, got injured, got frustrated. But I kept practicing. Even though it didn't seem like it, I believed that practice would lead to progress. And while I couldn't see it every day, when I look now, I see so much. I see progress in my handstand, yes, but I also see much more than that. I see everything I've attempted that I didn't think I'd be able to do. I see every scratch I've gotten and I see how important each one of those scratches have been. For without those scratches, I wouldn't be where I am now. And without my inevitable scratches in the future, I wouldn't get to wherever it is that I'm going.

9 hours ago

Transformation Tuesday 💪🏼 Yes this is me at age 4 to 34 nothing much changes here 🤣 I'm really happy with my delts at age 4 but I'm just trying to figure out what happened to my calves over the years 😂😂 Just be yourself team, never grow up & always be excited for life 👌🏻 TNT 💣

7 hours ago

#motivationmonday -382lbs 👇 combined since we set a New Years Resolution just last year. We were fedup with living a life on the couch. @dannyreed5 & I were fedup with just existing. We were fedup with not being able to do the things other couples could do. Most importantly we were fedup with the life we were living. We decided we wanted more. We decided we were worth living for and the path we were going down meant we wouldnt live a long life together, or that we may not be able to have a family someday. As a team we decided to fight back & changed our lifestyle together. We started saying no to the things that didn't fit our goals & started saying yes to the things that did. We may not be where we want to be yet, but we're not where we used to be. We hope that someone will hear our story & decide not to give up. Change your mind, change your life! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fedup or have too much fun this summer & want to lose weight with me? Let's reach our goals together! Join my summer comeback dietbet! Bet $30 you can lose 4% of your weight in a month & when you do split the pot with the other winners! Last month the pot was over $109K! Share tips, recipes, win money & be part of our weightloss tribe! Link in bio or dietbet.com/fatgirlfedup #weightloss #weightlossjourney #goals #extremeweightloss #fit #gym #fitness #plussize #fitnessmotivation #beforeandafter #healthy #health #fitfam #motivation #fattofit #obesetobeast #fatloss #losingweight #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #dietbet #progress #transformation #transform #diet #countingcalories

8 hours ago

From left to right 👉🏼 Real / Real / Real.. all real and all me 😜 Talk about some crazy 5 sec transformations.. Ok, it would be a total lie if I said a small part of me didn't wish I could walk around posed all the time.. maybe if it wasn't a helluva uncomfortable 😂😂😂 Sometimes you just have to share a little dose of reality because let's be honest.. we need it.. at least I do. - - I know I'm not the only one that will completely get lost scrolling through their feed and comparing themselves to others.. it happens.. and I'm guilty of it too. The other day an old friend told me that they don't follow a lot of women on instagram because she felt it would become an unhealthy situation for her.. umm I get it ✋🏼 I'm not saying don't post your very best cause you should absolutely. But, at least for me, it's important to post it all. - - So go for it.. post your food babies, 30 sec transformations, stretch marks, and whatever else you wanna post. The world of social media will always need more of it ✌🏼xx - - - - #30secondtransformation #transformation #fitnessblogger #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #unforgettabledancechallenge #strongaf #strongwoman #eatgoodfood #foodbabies #beforeandafter #fitmom #fitnessinspiration #fitmama #healthyfoodporn #healthylifestyle #saturdaynight #iifym #iifymwomen #iifymgirls #babesofinstagram #strongnotskinny #stronger #bootygoals #bootywerk #buttworkout #bootyworkout #foodbabyadventures #foodbaby

10 hours ago

Mini tutorial pra vocês com essa Matavilhosa @jupeppes que ahaza demais com essa beleza 😱❤️ O Penteado incrível é dele , claro @ojoaquim que sempre me surpreende com esse talento natural 😻 Espero que gostem e deixem aqui o seu comentário 🙏🏻💋