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🎈🎉💘It's my Birthday!!🎉 I can't believe I am 29 years old!! How does time go by so fast?!!! 😭🙈 I am always talking about change and growing in our lives but today more than ever I look in the mirror and feel the same in the best way possible. I'm still that 16 year old high school girl that loves to rap to 50 cent and G-Unit at the top my lungs, I'm still that 20 year old college student that loves to cuddle in bed with Nutella and watch One Tree Hill, I'm still that 25 year old career woman that loves having a busy schedule and being on time for work, and I'm still that 10 year old kid that loves to play, laugh and give as much to love to the people in my life that I possibly can. It's so important to change but it's also important to cherish the things that make you YOU (even if they are embarrassing haha)!!!! Most importantly I want to thank everyone (yes you!) that has made the last year of my life so incredibly special. 😍 I truly feel like the luckiest girl in the world and on today I celebrate all of you with me!!!!! I hope this next year is the best one yet! ❤️🦄✨ Xo Melis

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