#LTKgiveaway !!! 👏🏼 You’ve probably seen me post a lot about @liketoknow.it…but what exactly is it?? Once you sign up on liketoknow.it, you can like all of your favorite bloggers photos on Instagram and get an email with a direct link to buy exactly what they’re wearing! How cool is that?? Tonight, as an incentive for my followers, I’m doing a special giveaway! 😄 If you sign up for @liketoknow.it, I will give the first 10 followers a $30 gift card to @Nordstrom!! Giveaway ends Monday (1/16) at 7:59pm sharp because I have to watch The Bachelor at 8:00! 🌹😂 Here are the deets to enter! —> 1.Sign up for liketoknow.it 2.Like this post! 3.Purchase $50 or more through this link provided [http://liketk.it/2q6Qc] (Hint: you don’t have to purchase the exact items in the photo. Simply, anything from the websites linked below, as long as you use my link as the portal.) 4.DM me order confirmation when finished! #liketkit #alwaysalexis #ltk


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