Grocery haul! Well, some of it😄


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tomato love from #sfworkshop2017 is there a better summer subject to shoot than tomatoes? these beauties made an ideal still life for our attendees to put to practice everything they had learned over the weekend perfect on the vine tomatoes grown by my friends @urbanfarmstead paired with voloptuous heirlooms of various sizes...this may have been one of my favorite shots of the weekend #ourproduceproject

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Sometimes I feel I can breathe better underwater... then I go up to the surface and I drown. ••• Salir a la superficie y sentir que te falta el aire. A veces, bajo el mar, siento que respiro y las preocupaciones, por un instante, dejan de existir. #theweekoninstagram 📸@yagobruna

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Chilled Golden Soup with Sungold Tomato Salad + video scenes from my last pop-up, Early Summer. New on the blog! // #wfalpops

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Last night we celebrated good health news with green curry cockles, GF garlic bread & rosé champagne 🥂

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All my favourite lunch foods in one bowl 😍Thanks @eatflowerchild for your deliciousness 🙏🏻 What's your favourite lunch?

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we still have some gorgeous local strawberries around and the stone fruit is starting to pour in. I'm already dreaming of weekend galettes and early morning baking with the windows flung open and bare toes on the cool kitchen floor And the garden is humming with activity - cucumbers and peas and beans, the largest radish crop to date and I'm eagerly anticipating the fennel. It's been a simple routine of mornings in the garden before the heat of the day creeps in and I retreat to cooler temperatures indoors. Accompanied by a large pitcher of water filled with ice and mint and a few slices of those summer cucumbers - summer on repeat

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