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Blush rush.. 💕😎 Thanks so much for all the love!! 😘

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Guess who had planned to go to the gym but ended up spending so much time trying to take a cute pic for instagram that she's hungry again?😅 . Yep, obviously not me💁🏻😂 I haven't been feeling like going to the gym at all lately. After months of not going it's just not in my routine anymore so getting my lazy ass to the gym is a real struggle😶 . Today I'm once again not in the mood so I put on my floral @womensbest bra hoping it would cheer me up🌸🍃🌸 But then I realised I needed to share that I was going to the gym with you guys and the insta picture struggle began😅 I wasn't in the mood for a mirror selfie but with no one there to take my pic things were bound to get difficult.... . I piled up some shoeboxes and put them on a chair😶 Put my camera on top of the boxes and whoooh; same set up that killed my last camera when it fell off the shoebox tower😭💔 Thankfully this time when my camera fell I was somehow in time to catch it. Mum? I know you're reading this... I'm so sorry but I had no other option. (Except for a mirror selfie😅) . So here's a pic of me laughing at my own stupidity🙈 Oh and I don't know what happened but looks like one of my boobs was a bit camera shy today😅 I mean come on... where you at right titty?😭😭Also this is a great angle to show off part of your underchin😅 The struggle of taking a pic is real when you use your timer. I had 3 seconds to run & try to look pretty🙈 Next time I'm just gonna go for that mirrorselfie😂 . K so I had planned to post this before going to the gym but my Instagram app kept freezing🙄 Anyways, my gymsesh went okay & now I'm being a couchpotato🥔 Not really sure if my legs still work😅 #legdayissues

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Braids and beaches 🌊☀️🌸

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And sometimes, in the middle of life, you get a fairytale ✨

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#cloudyAF ☁️ Anzeige, WEIL Schuhmarke evtl. erkennbar, ggf. aber auch die Tasche 🤔 Rock und Shirt eher nicht direkt erkennbar 😁 Keine Ahnung was wann gekennzeichnet werden soll, da es keine Regeln gibt 🤷🏼‍♀️ wir aber kennzeichnen müssen 🤦🏼‍♀️ #SinndesGanzenTheaters#liebereinmalmehr #nobodyknows

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Get a smile and do not worry😍☀️♥️

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