Nobody loves me like you do 🙏🏼 Caption: @selenagomez Photo credit: love him @willchiangfotos


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Here’s @ross_mcauley with his portrait, Self-Portrait With Pear, currently on display in the BP Portrait Award 2017. This self-portrait was painted after Ross bought a vintage sports jacket - he said: ‘I was struck by the bright colours and bold pattern of the garment. The pear in the background is a print that was given to me as a gift.’ Inspiration can come from the most peculiar of places, from flea markets to the rubbish bin. Tell us about work created from your own strange discoveries. #BPPortrait #fleamarket #inspiration #strangediscoveries #portrait #rubbish

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One of the most common questions I get is what kind of camera or equipment I used. Yes these days I do use higher end equipment but it's not necessary to make great photos! As Sir Francis Bacon stated "Knowledge is power".• • Swipe to see my "elaborate" setup for a recent series of bath shoots. All of them were shot using natural light from a window or just the light bulbs from a bathroom mirror. Blog coming soon with all of the details!• • Model - @cirquebea Gown - @sewtrendyaccessories

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The #PortraitPage is proud to present this masterpiece! 🏆Photographer: @deanostetto 🏆Model: @chardirks ⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋ Selected by: @ericmarkdo ⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋ 👥Team👥 @ericmarkdo | @tiro_inspired | @petiamphotos @abel.psd | @stel72 | @lydiagirdan @tony.bennett | @disyouth | @darkbokeh ⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋ Partner: @way2ill_

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