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Magic day exploring Yafo port on the mediterranean sea 💫☀️💕🌊 (love using @rep_app wherever i go #findmeonrep link in bio)

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WOAH. One minute I'm paddling in a Canadian lake and laughing about how my @hydroflask matches the water, the next I'm connecting to wifi at lunch after 24 hours in airplane mode and seeing over 1,000 new friends on here 😱 As usual, I owe this one to my girl @briannamadia, and if you found my through her I know you're a cool person so...hi new friend 👋🏻 I'm honored you want to join in the van-life junk show that is our little family. I'm Abbi, married to @callenhearne, people think I'm more outdoorsy than I am (until they try to get me to hike something strenuous), I love taking photos and telling stories, and I do my best to keep this corner of IG honest and real. That means sometimes you might see my photos and think my life is perfect, but I hope after a few captions you'll see I have highs and lows like any normal person. At the moment, we're making our way through the Canadian Rockies on a little summer "vacation" as we're calling it, since we had two full weeks off between shooting weddings and adventure photo sessions (see @thehearnes for more on that). It's been awesome. ANYWAY - if you're new here (or you've been lurking for a while) comment and tell me a little about yourself!! I wanna know your name, where you live, and one place you really want to visit ✌🏻

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Touch.... 👉🏻💗🌿 Торкатися на таких знімках до чогось такого прекрасно-квіткового чи рослинного, це як я кажу жартома - ніби щоразу відтворювати картину Мікеланджело "Створення Адама" 😄 • З п'ятницею 🕊

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Another summer inversion. This was a rare trip as I had done zero research on where I was even going. Often times it seems trips based on a basic premise, such as we're going backpacking to a lake tend to lead to some of my favorite memories.

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The five types of people you should surround yourself with: the inspired, the passionate, the motivated, the grateful, and the openminded. Captured by @jowanderlu ---------------------------------------------------- To be featured follow us & tag photos #HerPNWlife ---------------------------------------------------- Attention to our MEN followers: I will post your "feature-worthy" photos ONLY if they have girls/women captured in them, since our community page is dedicated to them. - @katerina4t ----------------------------------------------------

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Can't wait to do more of this this weekend. Who's going to be in Glacier?? Come hike and hang with @babytraven, @petenathanson, and me!

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