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10 hours ago

Conversations with butt: EATING KARMAS How to roast the karmas and eat them is very useful information for the yogi seeking to free his or herself from attachments. This process is very effective. Watch the old ensnarements that previously enslaved, fall away like dead snake skin. Now more than ever, it is time to discover our Self-sovereignty. Full video link in bio.

4 days ago

World seems increasingly chaotic It's darkest before the dawn Don't ignore it Transmute it Let it fuel solar plexus fire Burning that much brighter Surround yourself with fire tenders What you focus on you attract Take back your power You are me We are one Already won Harbingers Binging on karmas Loving every moment

5 days ago

Kundalini cross training Super orgasms are real Tina Fey, eat karmas, not cake It's a grass roots movement Eating karmas every single day Gonna shock Donny Jonny With that kundalini feel Getting so expanded Point those toes Spiraling energy flowing Through the sushumna channel Blessing everything up Blissed out Peace out Love ya Mwah 💋

1 week ago

Same pose different angle One image must be distorted To satisfy Instagram regulations How can this be? Our idealized equality Crumbling all around us There are no sides to take We are all the same Self Darkness without reflecting The darkness within Calling in more alchemical love We will not be silent Kundalini realigning with the sushumna Ringing AUM Arjuna given the option Krishna or his army Chose Krishna without hesitating Because love always wins We will keep rebuilding Rearranging the gunas Those that come into this field Will feel oneness Trust the process

1 week ago

My first love surfing Yoga is surfing in your body Loving practicing yoga on the indo board Prepping for fall swells Yoga poses on the nose Will probably inspire surfers to yoga More so with my enhanced immunity The ocean so heavily polluted I gave up dreams of being a pro surfer Long ago when I realized The cancer our planet was facing Humanity We don't have to be like this I love her and I will fight for her A peaceful alchemical warrior I offer my life up in devotional service Despite all the darkness happening We can shine brighter And we will Love always wins

1 week ago

Full video in bio 🙏 With all of the memes circulating, I had to clear the air and speak my truth. I am a practicing brahmacari. My kundalini fired unexpectedly, and blast me into unspeakable pleasures. Sex is no longer a craving. I used to allow when others pursued until someone tried to force me into a sexual relationship against my will. Now I am choosing to abstain. You can still engage in sexual behavior while practicing brahmacarya. However I use all of my sexual energy and convert it into my practice. All thoughts to crown.

2 weeks ago

And the leg goes down the back It looks super weird But it is most definitely super yum Surrendered to Spirit Divine kingdom heaven on earth come There were delicious little pops The stagnation released Kundalini bursts through I saw sparkles, fractals, sacred G Gotta bend in all the ways Lovers are within Shiva and Shakti one Purusha and Prakriti one I will keep rebuilding until you feel it too And then I'll probably keep going Because it feels so good

2 weeks ago

I got a new swimsuit! Man-chest onesie Complete with happy trail And back hair Normally don't condone clothes But had to get something for flows We are androgynous beings Adam and Eve Ida and Pingala Sthira and Sukha Yin and Yang Ha and Tha Gotta work out to create heat Burning out the impurities Gazing inwards Working our way in Work isn't work at all It's play Diving deeper Divine embodiment TAT TVAM ASI

2 weeks ago

We are not born into the world We are born out of it Our own bodies our connection We are already one Grateful another lap around the sun Revolved countless times In countless incarnations This body has reached dirty thirty Aligned with divine purpose Fully committed to Us Thank you Love you All is love

3 weeks ago

All thoughts to crown Who would've thought oneness Could be so complex Don't think FEEL Many Instagram accounts Same Self Gazing at reflections Appreciating individuation Alchemists transmitting Metaphysical downloads How to share light with The Universe that we are Forget my name I am you Let's dance with our breath And watch the old world paradigm Burn Going home AUM

3 weeks ago

Don't worry about what others think Let your weird light shine bright Trust your intuition Believe in yourself Let go of what is no longer serving Make space for higher vibrations We are collectively ascending Spiraling into higher frequencies Release the stagnation Anything's possible Believe

4 weeks ago

Mooning y'all on Moonday Moving breathing life force energy Expanding into unknown territory Sculpting new forms out of clay Loving you all Every moment Just a little bit more

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