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10 hours ago

Those who fear the thorns will never pick a rose 😏🌹

1 day ago

Because I love this photo 😏

1 day ago

My personal transformation 💪🏽 As you can see I actually weigh more now than before 🙈(I'm 5'5). I used to workout to offset all my bad habits (partying, eating crappy food, lack of sleep & etc) with the hopes that I would be "healthier" with those 3 a week workouts & random 30min cardio sessions. In the end, health has to be a lifestyle not the byproduct - for me aesthetics became the byproduct of turning my life around & adapting healthy habits. I now have more energy, feel happier, am healthier, get better sleep & I like what I see in the mirror 🙌🏼 This is exactly why I always tell my clients to throw away the scale & measure progress via photos, how your clothes fit & how you feel 🙌🏼 See link in my bio for more details about my transformation, my workout & diet plans & much more 😘 @laurendrainfitness or

2 days ago

After I lost my entire world back in 2007 (my mother, my father & my three younger siblings along with being left with a shattered faith & a sense of self) I made a promise to myself! I would NEVER be half assed about anything I wanted in life & I would never take for granted the good blessings that come my way. Every day since then, I seek happiness, passion towards my career, & I push myself towards uncomfortable goals that constantly make me better. If you think you're settling in life, you most likely are. Life is about living it to the fullest & getting the most value from what you have been blessed with. Don't ignore the huge red flags showing you that you need changes in your life for the better. If you've ever lost a loved one, you know the pain & struggles of crawling back to normality & a sense of happiness. It is possible. Baby steps. Forward progress! Life has a way of knocking all of us down from time to time - you just have to keep getting up & dusting yourself off again 💪🏽

3 days ago

You only get one body in this life. Train hard for that body you want to live in. Always strive for progress, not perfection.

3 days ago

Part of my quick warmup before I hit a workout 💪🏽 Using my @sweetsweat gel & belt to help increase circulation, core body temp & sweat 🙌🏼 Use my code for a discount: Fit20 on their entire line of products 😘

4 days ago

When those abs peek through the "onesy" 🤣

5 days ago

Taken at the beginning of my vacation when I still had abs 😫🤣 I love to travel but I hate the struggle that comes with finding a gym or time to work out, resisting the urge to try something taste or have a few social drinks 🙈 This is why I preach the 80/20 lifestyle & to strive for progress not perfection. Live your life & enjoy it😜 Don't be a gym rat eating chicken & broccoli for the rest of your life; find a balance that keeps you sane & social. And don't be the person that thinks being fit & healthy is all about being ON 100% of the time, it's not so black & white 😉 If you're interested in learning more about how I train & eat, visit my website - link in bio or ••• Photo by @theiobot

5 days ago

Keep the body right, & keep the skin tight. 💁🏼 What are your skin care secrets? ------ I do red light therapy, consume daily collagen peptides, eat healthy fats & daily vitamins/antioxidants, hydrate as much as possible and my absolute favorite monthly skin laser facials and skin rejuvenation at @laseraway

6 days ago

Tell me your favorite body part to train! I'm currently loving abs/obliques. 🤗 My favorite workouts are in my Ab Define program found on my website 🙌🏼 ----- Lens | @theiobot

1 week ago

Mermaid vibes in Greece 🇬🇷

1 week ago

I hold all my valuables in my pockets 😜 Check out my workout programs & meal plans on my website 💪🏽 Link in my bio or

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