@djjulian1Exotic Cars🚘Enthusiast!❤️MMA👊🏼😎Family & Friends 1st‼️ DJ & Enjoy Electronic Dance Music🎶 I Take life 1 day at a time😉

2 hours ago

HORSEY🐴 FRIDAY Literally a RaceCar🏁 for da streetz! Very RAW and Fun to drive😉

1 day ago

Lamborghini's can Rock wild colors and interiors! But this SV's interior is a bold Spec and radiates Class and Luxury to me👌🏼 What are your thoughts? Chime in🗣 🚗 @SammyTheLambo

2 days ago

HAPPY HUMP🐪DAY‼️ Those who know me know I go bonkers😡 when people get in my way of taking pics and videos but there are exceptions.. I highly doubt anyone would mind her in the way of your snap or vid😁 👉🏽💃🏻 @Kindly

3 days ago

The perfect serving of 🍊range Murcy to start this day!😋

5 days ago

HAPPY SUNDAY FUNDAY‼️ I just LUUUUV Red🔴Gutz! And if I had the opportunity I would be all up in these😜

6 days ago

I just gave you the keys to my Red🔴😈🔴 Demon for a day. Who are you taking as your co-pilot and where will you go??

1 week ago

HAPPY HORSEY🐴 FRIDAY There are some cars that just get you all giddy, give you goosebumps, and make your👉🏽❤️ skip a beat. The Ferrari4️⃣5️⃣8️⃣ Speciale does that to me☺️ What's thee ONE car that does that to you? _____________________________ For more Great Pics of Rarris follow👉🏼 @ProducerMichael @Dennis_Akoyaking @FCA_Alberta @ScuderiaChamp @Ferraris_Worldwide @FerrariPhotopage @Q8Ferrarista @ScuderiaMan @FerrariCollector_DavidLee @Dr.DavidPowell @OneBad458 @F430Addict

1 week ago

This SV matches the HOT 🌡 weather🔥🔥🔥 we've been having all Week! Just makes me want to take it all off to cool down😜

1 week ago

HAPPY HUMP🐪DAY‼️ If you're having car troubles and need a tow, don't call Triple AAA or any other towing service... All you need is @SommerRay to get your ride where it needs to be😁 🎥 @BwCarsLA

1 week ago

@Lamborghini Aventadors will always be considered one of the most radical car designs there is. There's no doubt about it👊🏼😎 What other car would you consider tops the radical department🤔

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