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3 hours ago

seyahat arkadasinin ayni zamanda super cool bir fotografci olmasi ve sen kitabini yazmayi bitirmeye calisirken güven arttirici karelerini çekmesi ... 📷 siminerbel #yoga #book #birth #natural

2 hours ago

I think about this often. How my insecurities hold me back from what I know I'm capable of. Well I'm not going to let that be an excuse for me anymore. I think confidence is so information in success. Just doing it, despite what those mean voices are telling you. I'm making a promise to myself to work on this daily. You should join me ❤️ • My debut book "Soft Thorns" is available at amazon.com (link in bio) • follow my second account @la.femme.des.roses ♥ bridgett xo

2 hours ago

I was hoping to be in a new school system this year, one that doesn't know my deadname - one where I don't have to fight to be called my real name. This is gonna suck ass until we move. ✨ . . . . . . . . . . . Snapchat: Quietlyoli Twitter: Quietlyoli Instagram: Quietlyoli Musically: Quietlyoli Tumblr: Quietlyoli YouTube: Quietlyoli Crisis Text Line (Text "Connect" to "741741" to talk to a trained professional) American based service for anything on your mind that may cause you pain. #writing #writingprompts #writer #writers #writermeme #writersmeme #writermemes #writerofinstagram #writersofinstagram #book #books #bookmemes #novel #novels #novelmemes #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #Nonbinary #genderfluid #genderless #bisexual #pansexual #transgender #pride #lgbtpride #MtF #FtM

4 hours ago

Satur-daze...💙 After an early morning workout and much deserved brunch there's nothing better than to spend the afternoon in bed with a book, snacks, Netflix and maybe a sneaky power nap! 😉

1 hour ago

Happy weekend everybody! I hope you're managing to get some rest and time to read something. We've been so busy these last couple of days, but we've got so many exciting things planned for the future! We're always brainstorming ways that we can make you guys happy and surprise you. ☺️ What are your favourite things to receive and what would you love to see us include? 📷 gorgeous photo by @myfriendsarefiction