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@canonnederlandWelkom op het officiële Canon NL account. Deel jouw foto's met @canonnederland & gebruik #liveforthestory #canonnederland

3 days ago

'A year ago today life changed forever. I jumped on a plane thinking I was leaving NYC for 3 months...I never went back. I've been living on the road since, it has been a beautiful, tiring, crazy year full of love, joy, awe and despair. Cheers to another one!' #liveforthestory #journey #adventure #travelphoto #travels Photo credit: @saramelotti_

1 week ago

''We changed our dreams into reality. How? We saved up while being students, then graduated, got married and started this life changing adventure. Many choose to buy houses, cars, jewelry, etc. We choose experiences. Now, our journey has brought us to Namibia. We are MIND-BLOWN, aren't you too? 😍'' Wat heb jij ervoor over om de wereld over te reizen? #liveforthestory #photographyskills #travelphotography #dreams Photo credit: @awesomeworldtrip

1 week ago

''On a boat with some of your best friends, feeling the wind through your hair on a hot and sunny summer day, rewarding yourself with a cold plunge in the sea, laughing about swimsuits going in weird places. Making bubbles.'' The story I live for // Photo credit: @hoelahoep Deel deze zomer ook jouw verhaal! Gebruik #liveforthestory en vergeet ons niet te taggen. Fijne zomer ☀️ groet, #teamcanon

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