ArtsieFartsie Krystal Geannie

@artsie_fartsie_krystalIncredibly talented artist in every sense of the word! Famous body artist, tattoo artist, graphic designer, and beyond! :)SHOW ME YOUR #artsiefartsie

2 months ago

I got this amazing gift from @luxdevillehandbags at Drag Con L.A!!!!! 😱😱😱😱 OMFG!!!! it's super glittery like a carnival ride💖💖 this one is a mermaid/ sea foam green color which I lovvvveee!! and about as big as a macbook laptop... the spikes are blunted so they don't bother you when its being carried... I love it soo far!! Thank you guys soooo much!!! Love you guys forever!! 👄💜💀💜👄

2 months ago

Preview night at Drag Con... one look four more tomorrow 😈😈👽💀

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