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Story of WALK ABOUT BY SANPAK. In 1960’s, though cotton canvas was still the main material of bags in Japan, nylon and other new materials were already used to bags in USA. In the time, SANPAK was developing outdoor goods and backpacks for companies in USA and Canada. And one of the companies, Kipphy admired the technique and quality of SANPAK and they developed bags, Barrett belts, and rucksacks for US military with SANPAK. Tough requests to guarantee military spec quality, SANPAK studied hard and made a lot of effort to meet the request. SANPAK became popular in US and Canada, then they developed more styles and expanded exporting to Europe and Australia. WALK ABOUT is one of the brand SANPAK used to export, and they bought the brand and started selling in Japan in 1976. Customized size and some details to fit Japanese life style and culture, WALK ABOUT was accepted in Japanese market and made a first huge backpack trend. WALK ABOUT BY SANPAK is reproduced in 2017, with the older label than the one used in Japan. Enjoy the history and the quality of more than 60 years background and the atmosphere of the era. #walkaboutbysanpak #walkabout #sanpak #madeinjapan #vintage #outdoors #1960s

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