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1 hour ago

This is to every girl who has ever tried a little too hard. To the girls who miss people and aren’t afraid to say it. The one’s who are told their vulnerability is a weakness. This is to every girl who is told she needs to change and be different than who she is to win someone over. This is to every girl who has ever gotten her hopes up and been disappointed. The ones who wear their hearts on their sleeve. To every girl has ever been told she’s too easy to read. This is to every girl who doesn’t hurt others because they’d never want someone to feel the way they have. This is to every girl who has had to be strong enough to pick up the broken pieces of her heart. To every girl who is broken but still loves anyway. The ones who try too hard. The ones who love too deeply. The ones who believe in love despite a lot of heartbreak. This is to every girl who has ever gone more than halfway. The ones who would do anything for the people they care about, but would never ask for help in return. This is to every girl who thinks they are flawed. This is to every girl who has ever settled and accepted less than she deserved. I want you to know it takes a rare type of person to see the good in someone when you’re presented with bad. To keep going. To keep believing. To keep giving, and loving. So this is to every girl who refuses to settle. I want you to know it’ll happen soon. This is to every girl who hasn’t gotten what she deserves. Yet. I want you to hold onto faith. I don’t want you to change. Because one day everything you continue to give to people who don’t deserve it, will come back to you. One day — you’re going to be loved the way you love others. One day, you will find someone who understands your depth. One day, you will be rewarded for your heart. Trust me. Words: @kirstencorleyofficial Photo: @brandonwoelfel

49 minutes ago

тнє мσѕт вєαυтιfυℓ тнιиgѕ αяє тнє ѕ¢αяιєѕт... Malé International Airport 🖤

55 minutes ago

Güneşe oldum olası bakamam. Ama arkadaşımın yaptığı şu çantanın güzelliğinnin hatrına bu fotoyu harcayamadım 🙃 Canım @momslike çok güzel tasarımlar yapmış. Yeni girişimini yürekten kutluyor, yolunun açık olamasını diliyorum arkadaşım. 👉 @babsandgrace hesabından modelleri takip etmeye başlayabilirsiniz 👛🎒😍 #bags #clucth #fashion

46 minutes ago

Getting into the Summer & Festival Mood with @clairol_uk and their New Color Crave Hair Make in Brilliant Amethyst! It's so easy to paint on for an instant fairytale mermaid look; just set with a hairdryer or straightner and washes instantly out with shampoo; there is no reason not to Flaunt Your Fearless this Summer! Available now from @superdrugloves @clairol_uk @clairolcolor #FlauntYourFearless #ColorCrave #ad